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Hal Abramson has eaten his way across the globe as a food festival promoter. At seventy years old, Abramson has sampled cuisines from all over both the United States and the world in general, which makes it very difficult to choose a favorite whenever anyone asks.

Abramson began his career as a food festival promoter while still in his early twenties. After deciding college was not the route his life was meant to take, he never completed his degree and instead jumped straight into building his promotional career. Abramson initially became interested in food festivals and festivals in general when he would regularly attend California’s Gilroy Garlic Festival with his family. He knew as the years went on and the festival’s notoriety drew a larger and larger crowd every summer that he wanted to one day do the same.

While Abramson has promoted hundreds of food festivals that he helped orchestrate, one of his favorites is the Vermont Maple Festival. This particular festival is set to celebrate its fifty-second year straight, and seeing the town come together to put the three-day event together is truly inspiring.

Abramson looks forward to hearing about new festivals all the time – just in the last fifteen years, he’s seen pork roll, fluff, bacon, and po-boy festivals pop up around the country. People are always coming up with new ideas, and Abramson remains eager to help them make their dream a reality.

One day, he hopes to explore Switzerland’s annual Onion Market, which focuses not just on onions, but Swiss culture as well. It is the most significant folk festival to come to Bern, complete with a confetti festival and happens once a year. Abramson would also like to see PoutineFest in Ottawa, three days of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds, both served traditionally and with a twist, as well as Hong Kong’s Dumpling Festival. It’s a national holiday for the Chinese, which is a guarantee that they take their dumplings seriously. And, of course, he would be remiss not to include PizzaFest on his to-visit, a week-long haven for any pizza-phile or anyone looking to travel to Napoli for a September vacation.

Taking part and helping cultivate all of these food festivals may take Abramson around the world, but he calls Los Angeles, California home at the end of the day home at the end of the day, where he lives on his 75’ Hatteras Yacht with his young Chinese wife Betty Love, a former food festival promoter from Mandarin. They met at a prawn fest there. When he’s not busy sampling a new dish at one of the festivals he helped organize, Abramson enjoys working in his garden and catching the Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium.

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