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Many countries around the world have an outstanding food culture. Food is an integral part of a country’s culture, and understanding a country’s food can lead to a better understanding of its people. It is important to try new foods from faraway places or from around the corner.


United States

American chefs have been adapting dishes from other countries since the country’s founding. American cuisine brings together these different flavors and makes a new spin on them. Along with the borrowed dishes from around the globe, there are uniquely American dishes like clam chowder and key lime pie.


Greece has a timeless food culture that is based on fresh local ingredients. Famous Greek dishes include roasted meats with a lemon-based marinade and flaky pastry spanakopita stuffed with feta cheese and spinach.


India has a wide variety of regional specialties. Richly spiced, Indian food is a treat for the senses. Its vegetarian cuisine stands out. Dishes like tandoori chicken and dal, a lentil stew, are just a few of the great examples of Indian food.


Japanese cuisine is flavorful and varied. Changing seasonally according to which ingredients are available, Japanese dishes are fresh and exciting. Sushi, miso soup, and teriyaki are popular in the United States, but there is far more to Japanese food.


While French food has the reputation for being stuffy, French chefs have an amazing repertoire that includes more casual food choices like cassoulet and steak fries. The fine dining restaurants of France preserve classic dishes while creating new ones.


China has one of the most diverse food cultures in the world. Regional specialties show an amazing variety of ingredients and flavors. The Chinese take food seriously, and they are always interested in making ingredients that may sound strange to American diners and making them into mouthwatering dishes.


Take time to explore these amazing food cultures and try their different specialties. Opening your mind to new foods and new combinations will take you on a global taste adventure. When you eat outside your comfort zone, you will better understand these cultures


Hal Abramson is a food festival promoter based in Los Angeles and is always on the hunt for new events to explore. Check out his other food festival blogs or follow his travels on Twitter!