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Beer lovers from all around the world enjoy not only the taste of a well crafted beer, but the merriment and festivities it brings. As a favorite beverage among all walks of life, beer is crafted by many different cultures and places. With such a large variety from so many different places, it’s no wonder countries around the world have made beer festivals an annual event that offer a variety of beer tasting and activities. Below are the top five beer festivals from across the world.



This is by far the largest and most popular beer festival of all. Oktoberfest is held annually in Munich, Germany and knows how to show their six million attendees a good time. Between late September to the first weekend in October, from all over the world visitors, come for an endless variety of beers and fun activities found around the festival.


Great British Beer Festival

Organized by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), this festival has been going on since 1977. Bringing a vast selection of over 650 cask ales and other beers from breweries located in the United Kingdom, the United States, Belgium, and Germany. Britain’s largest beer festival will satisfy beer lovers from all over the world.


Great American Beer Festival

As the largest beer festival in the United States, the Great American Beer Festival never disappoints its visitors. Held annually at Colorado National Convention Center in Denver, Colorado, beer lovers from all over get a taste of American craft beer as well as other beers from across the world. Along with beer tasting, attendees also get to enjoy a competition awarding medals to 83 different beer categories.


Cannstatter Volksfest

With over 4 million visitors from around the world, Cannstatter Volksfest is the second largest beer festival in the world. This three-week long festival may not be strictly a beer festival, but it offers beer lovers 7 large beer tents along with fairgrounds, rides, and a variety of great food. The festival is held annually a week after the start of Oktoberfest in Stuttgart, Germany.


Montreal Beer Festival

Held annually at Place Bonaventure in Montreal, the festival gives its visitors has an emphasis on South American beer. Over 600 beers from about 200 different breweries are featured at the festival. Aside from a variety of of beer tasting, the festival also offers workshops from the Montreal Beer School on exactly how to taste beer and lessons to improve attendees’ beer knowledge.