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This is a great day in the age of culinary perks and promises, where fabulous foods and gadgets can come together in honor of a true foodie’s delight. A true foodie is a unique person who understands the value, the depth and the zaniness involved in exploring and participating in all things food and drink-related.

The Best Gifts for Any Foodie

1. It isn’t every day the best parts of the ocean waters come right to the doorstep. The Santa Barbara Stone Crab Company delivers fresh 3-lb crab claws, with handy mallet and cracker lobster-lover’s within 24 hours of ordering.

2. If do-it-yourself clambakes, lobster rolls and fresh ingredients are calling, don’t pass up this portable Lobster Place Stove-Top Clambake kit. It’s got everything from spices to clam juice to bibs and more.

3. Ordering wine by the bottle can get expensive, especially if the flavor or quality isn’t what was expected. With the VineBox Subscription, ordering wine by the glass makes perfect sense both for the taste bud and the wallet. Full bottle upgrades are also available.

4. Lodge Reversible Pro Grid Iron Grill/Griddle is the full grilling, searing and baking package in one. From bacon to burgers, it’s great for large and small portions of foodie favorites.

5. Coffee enthusiasts, homebodies and world travelers need a great coffee bean grinder. The Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder is compact and ready to go where ever that next cup awaits. Don’t forget the popular Aeropress for brewing those tasty little ground up beans.

6. Carry-on Cocktail Kits that provide all the fixin’s for those long flights make incredible additions to foodie carry-on bags. Filled with fancy ingredients that wake up little bottles of hooch, these kits create a little happy hour class.

7. Every foodie needs at least one spectacular cookbook. Here it is: Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking. Spectacular photos with an educational voice, Little Italy never looked so tempting.

8. There isn’t a foodie alive who could turn creamy rich and tangy cheeses away. Murray’s Cheese of the Month Club knows how to melt foodie’s hearts with melty cheeses, hard cheeses and cheeses only a mother could love.


Foodies rejoice! These are only the beginning and there’s a lot more where these tempting foodie treasures bites come from.

 Hal Abramson is a food festival promoter based in Los Angeles and is always on the hunt for new events to explore. Check out his other food festival blogs or follow his travels on Twitter