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Los Angeles, California is not only a glamorous and bustling city, but also a popular hub to find great tacos. With a huge amount of amazing taco joints to try, there are only a handful that make to the top spot on everyone’s list. Whether you’re already living in LA or planning a visit, these are the top five taco spots to visit:

Mariscos Jalisco

Located in the heart of downtown East LA, is the food truck of all food trucks. A tiny seafood truck offers dishes packed with exquisite flavor, Mariscos Jalisco is authentic Mexican food on wheels. It’s not just the quick service and unbeatable prices–their signature dishes have made them one of the best taco spots in LA. Their fan-favorite tacos de camaron is layered with massive shrimp, salsa and fresh avocado, and served in a deep-fried shell.

Loteria Grill

For a taste of tradition, add Loteria Grill to your list of places to try. If there is one thing your plate will surely not be missing when checking out this spot, it will be cheese. Their delicious and gooey tacos are traditional Mexican-style with a range of selections to choose from. Their the chicharrón de queso, which is fried cheese, is served with fresh salsa, guacamole, and tasty corn tortillas to make an epic taco. Make sure to come on an empty stomach and savor every bite.

Bar Ama

For LA’s puffiest tacos, look no further than Bar Ama. This authentic spot is located in downtown LA with a secret menu everyone should know before going. The puffy taco is not listed on their menu and must be asked for. They can be stuffed with their delectable shrimp, beef, chicken or pork. Besides the great tacos, they also have an unbeatable queso to satisfy every cheesy craving.

La Flor De Yucatan

Don’t let the label of “bakery” fool you at this spot. This Mayan bakery in Pico-Union serves up way more than just savory baked goods. La Flor De Yucatan’s tacos are to die for and must be indulged by every taco-lover. The tiny spot offers the relleno negro taco. This epic taco is stuffed with turkey meat that has been spiced to perfection with seeds and chile to make it all the more unique.

Barbacoa Estilo Taxco

This taqueria is hidden away in a print shop parking lot and is worth the find. For the most traditional Mexican tacos, head over to Barbacoa Estilo Taxco. Serving every taco on fresh, homemade tortillas, you will find lamb barbacoa, pancita, and goat birria. This kind of cooking can not be found just anywhere. This is definitely a unique spot for the best tacos with explosive tastes that are also easy on the wallet.