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All around the world, pizza is hugely celebrated and can be found almost anywhere. Between the many places, types, and flavors that pizza has to offer, it can be difficult determining where to go for a slice of the best pizza around. Different people from different countries may never agree which pizza is number one and who can blame them? The variations of the food are too unique to determine one style above them all. Instead, here are five of the best cities to explore pizza’s beginning, evolution and flavor.

Naples, Italy – If you don’t include the birthplace of one of the world’s favorite foods, is it really a “best pizza in the world” list? No, no it’s not. The best part of pizzerias in Naples is the recipes and restaurants. They have been passed down through many generations of the same families providing a memorable taste of how pizza began. Pizzas are cooked at super-high temperatures in a wood-fired brick oven for approximately two minutes to create a smoky, soft and slightly puffy result. While places around the world try to recreate the original Naples pizza, there is nothing like eating this pizza in its original birthplace.

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Maybe you would’ve never guessed that Buenos Aires has some of the best pizza in the world, but this city of Italian immigrants has incorporated pizzerias into their Argentine way of life. You can find a pizzeria with its own style on nearly every corner in Buenos Aires, although over the years, the Argentine-style has stolen the show with its thick crust and plentiful toppings.

New York, New York – Of course, the birthplace of the pizza slice has to make the list. The invention of the slice completely changed the way we hold and eat our pizza, especially within the United States. Throughout the city, you can find interpretations of all pizza styles known. From deep-fried pies with creative and excessive toppings to the more traditional Neapolitan-style pizza, as well as the original New York style pizza, this city has the perfect slice for all pizza lovers to enjoy.

Edmonton, Canada – As pizza lovers across the globe work to develop new artisanal and creative designs, the city of Edmonton has honed in on the traditional pizzeria’s that we all know and love. From old-school chains to the conventional toppings of meatballs, pineapple, and BBQ chicken, Edmonton, Canada is the place to go for lovers of the age-old traditional pizza.

Chicago, Illinois – We’ve all heard of the Chicago deep-dish pizza, although it is far less known that Chicago is home to a variety of tasty pizza styles. Chicago pizza embraces styles thick and thin with locals torn between traditional pan styled pizzas and coal-oven, crispier styled pies. No matter what’s your preference, Chicago has a new favorite for you.